How are you feeling? Jun30

How are you feeling?

I stole this from I Heart Chaos. I found it very interesting and quite accurate. ~Alejandro How are you feeling? Try the Lüscher Color Test A simple online version of the Lüscher Color Test, in which colors are used to determine your current emotional and mental state. You can read more...

Selling Your Info

More Scum Bag corporate sociopaths selling you to the highest bidder….actually anyone with money. Where is our governments to protect us from these violations? Absolutely nowhere. Corrupt bastards do not care about privacy until it is shining the light on their filth....

We’re Back!

Us Treasoncastors are back from a hiatus. We are sorry for the lapse in posting but there is more corruption to be...

Treasoncast Vacation

Hello to you loyal viewers, part of the Treasoncast team is on vacation right now so there will be light posting for the next week. If you can guess where we are, you get a cookie* * you don’t actually get a cookie....

Slave Masters Jun07

Slave Masters

Is it still evil is we pay other people to do it?

Is Fido Evil? Jun03

Is Fido Evil?

High five your dog to find out if he leans more towards a Sith or a Jedi…. ~Alejandro