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Program that pays homeless to clean streets is full every day

But I thought all homeless people were “lazy”.

The sad fact is that many have mental health and/or addiction issues with almost NO SUPPORT and many others are so far down that they can’t get back up.

What if you had no home, no address, no clean clothes. How are you going to get a job and save $2000 bucks together for first and last months rent when you are sleeping in the gutter.

We are a wealth country and should take care of everyone. It makes us all better and healthier and human.

We should all have a living base wage. That has been proven over and over and over to be beneficial and effective with almost zero negatives.

It stimulates the economy, decreases crime and violence and gives people dignity. Are there a few lazy people who will just take advantage…YUP….but FAR fewer than people think.


Here is an article about minimum income.

“Between 1974 and 1979, residents of a small Manitoba city were selected to be subjects in a project that ensured basic annual incomes for everyone.”


Often the research I find “disappears” so I make fair use backup PDFs of site I provide information for.

A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It

CBC Homeless