Fake Cell Phone Towers are Everywhere

Fake Cell Phone Towers are Everywhere and no one knows exactly who owns them…or why. But anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows why.

Vancouver Police just admitted to using Stringray technology “just once”. If you do not know, stingray is a fake cell tower that is used to intercept telephone calls.

“Stingrays, also known as IMSI catchers or cell-site simulators, mimic cellphone towers in order to strip metadata, location information and, in some cases, content from phones that connect to them. ”

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If you believe that they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a fake cell phone tower to use it “just once” I have a bridge to sell you.

cell phone stingray spying

cell phone stingray spying

By using this technology they BROKE THE LAW…..so that means next time you rob a bank or run over a pedestrian….you can just say. “Sorry, I just robbed that bank….just once”

But at least the Vancouver police admit to it….in Ontario they will not tell you what surveillance equipment they are buying. In Edmonton they admitted to having stringray technology….but then retracted it…saying they miss spoke. I guess they thought they were referring to a tropical fish.

Anyway, at first this technology will be used for legitimate purposes but then, just like everything the government does, it will be used against average citizens eventually and constantly. Don’t ya love it?