Cancer May07


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One in every Two of us will get cancer in our lifetime. Why would you want to spend your time learning about how to cure it? Documentaries are boring anyway. I am sure the doctor will save us with their 90 year old technology. Did you know that even if a doctor had a magic pill in his hand that cured cancer, they are NOT legally allowed to give it to you? Something to think about.




There is no magic cure but if someone I loved got cancer, I would definitely do some research into the Gerson therapy, Hemp Oil, Juicing, colloidal silver, intervenious oxygen therapy,DCA, B-17 as well as a few other things. Especially since the REAL statistics of modern medicines “cure rate” are grossly inflated for almost everything except blood Cancer.

Do not think of it as people dying of Cancer, think of it as people being murdered by greed. Better, cheaper, natural treatments exist but as soon as you get cancer you are so scared that you run into the arms of the person who will probably kill you….because of your own ignorance. I am not concerned about Cancer, I may get it but as long as it is not fast acting, I will be fine. That is the power of educating myself. ~Alejandro