Radiation Now Safer

Obama just changed the acceptable level of radiation that people can eat and drink because, I guess, radiation magically became safer. I am sure they are not planning anything either ~Alejandro

Story from A Sheep No More


“While the world was transfixed on the capture of the bombing suspects in Boston, President Obama gave his final approval on raising permissible radioactive levels in drinking water post “radiological incidents.” Meaning the next time (and there will be) there is a nuclear power-plant accident, dirty bomb, or nuclear detonation you are allowed to drink more radiation! This is more “change” we can believe in!”


US importing food from Japan that’s considered unfit to eat there? (VIDEO)


The difference between Japan and the United States is kind of startling. In Japan, at this point the permissible level of radioactivity in food is 100 becquerels per kilogram […] In the United States the permissible level is 1,200. So Japan’s limits are 12 times stronger than ours, which means that we could very certainly be importing food from Japan that’s considered unfit to eat there.

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