Freemasonic Influence Visual Evidence Mar17


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Freemasonic Influence Visual Evidence

This is a little more advanced than a lot of stuff I post but there is a secret society called the Freemasons. Most US presidents were freemasons, the first brick layed at the white house was emblazoned with a freemasonic emblem. George Washington’s statue in Washington was oddly posed without a shirt (strange to say the least) and posed as Baphomet who is a satanic symbol. So basically, the Freemasons are in the highest levels of government and industry….and also the music industry. There are tons of references in music videos and live performances of music industry people flashing one left eye (as in the freemasonic symbol on the back of the American dollar bill, the pyramid) as well as flashing the pyramid sign itself.

Whether you believe it or not, humans are controlled by symbols and logos, they have a link to our subconscious minds so the theory is that the music industry is programming us.

If you have any doubt as to the veracity of this look up the top 500 corporate logos. They are all based on Pyramids, eye in the pyramid (like on the 1 dollar bill), and sun worship. Or go into an old cemetary in an old city. All the largest graves are adorned with illuminati aka freemasonic symbolism.

Anyway, there are bigger things that we should all be worried about but I thought I would just step outside of my usual posts and let you know about some symbolism.