Your grandma was a terrorist

Under new provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, people who have more than 7 days of food are suspicious, and could be potential terrorists.

We have become so dependent and dumbed down that we consider people that prepare for disasters as unusual and strange.

Your grandparents used to can and store YEARS worth of food. That practiced saved untold amounts of people from starvation and death through the great depression and WW2. You may literally be alive today because of there self sufficiency.

So, how many days of food do you have. How much water if the power goes out. You say you love your families but you rely on OTHER people (the government) to take care of them in the event of an emergency but if you have any sense, you can see how the US government handled things like Hurricane Katrina. IF you do not know, it was very badly. You can’t put your eggs in that basket. It is a losing proposition and you will lose.

So, why don’t you buy some extra non-perishable food. Have some water on hand. Learn the basics of prepping and be like your grandma and decide that you are your best protection.