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Wi-Fi Damages Sperm, Harms Health

Convenience is always a short cut to a bad time.

Wi-Fi Damages Sperm, Harms Health
New Study Shows Wi-Fi May Decrease Male Fertility
by Richard Wolfson, Ph.D.

If you’re a young man who plans to have children one day, you’d be wise to keep your distance from Wi-Fi—literally. A study published in the January issue of the scientific journal Fertility and Sterility showed that after four hours of exposure to electromagnetic radiation from laptop Wi-Fi, sperm taken from 29 men exhibited permanent DNA damage and reduced ability to move.

For years researchers have been cautioning people about the effects of radio frequency (RF) radiation from Wi-Fi and other devices, such as cell phones. However, the Fertility and Sterility study is the first research to directly show sperm damage from RF radiation. The researchers concluded use of Wi-Fi may decrease male fertility.

Unfortunately, damage from RF radiation is not limited to higher intensity exposure, such as holding a cell phone next to one’s head or putting a Wi-Fi connected laptop with WiFi on one’s lap. At least 17 scientific studies have reported damage from long-term exposure to low intensity RF radiation, such as occurs in a Wi-Fi (or other wireless RF) environment, but not close to a transmitter.

A Long List RF Side Effects

Research has shown short-term effects from RF exposure include sleep disruption, hormone disruption, and impairment of concentration, attention, and well-being. Long-term effects include leukemia, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Recent animal research (Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 2012) shows that RF/cell phone radiation interferes with fundamental biological processes in areas of the brain involved in learning, memory, and other important brain functions.

Lawsuit in Portland Schools

The damaging effects of RF radiation may be of particular concern when it comes to children, whose bodies are still developing.

In Oregon, a parent launched a lawsuit against the Portland Public Schools to remove Wi-Fi in order to protect his child. One of the witnesses in this lawsuit is Dr. Barrie Trower, a physicist who has worked for the Defense Department in all aspects of microwave radiation technology. Trower testified that the Wi-Fi frequencies and radiation levels broadcast in the school are similar to those used as weapons during the Cold War. When the Soviets beamed RF into U.S. embassies, personnel experienced headaches, inability to concentrate, sleep disorders, and general behavioral impairment. Long-term effects included serious neurological disorders, cancer, depression, and other illnesses.

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