Cop Punches Women (on video) gets aquitted

If you punch a woman in the face it is OK, as long as you are a cop. Video evidence clearly showing you commit the crime is not important in the land of the free ~Alejandro

Watch the actual video then read the story

Judge tosses video evidence, acquits ex-cop Josey.
BY MENSAH M. DEAN, Daily News Staff Writer

PHOTOS: MENSAH M. DEAN / DAILY NEWS STAFF Lawyer Fortunato Perri Jr. (right), with client Jonathan Josey, outside the courthouse Tuesday.

THOUGH ex-cop Jonathan Josey was acquitted by a judge Tuesday of assaulting a woman he was filmed punching last September, the fight is still on and will only intensify, the woman’s enraged attorney thundered after leaving court.

“What took place today was an injustice. It was injustice to Ms. Guzman, it was an injustice to the Puerto Rican-Hispanic community,” said attorney Enrique Latoison, who said he is suing Josey.

His client, Aida Guzman, 40, fought back tears and declined to comment as Latoison told reporters that he also plans to ask officials at the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the case and possibly file federal civil-rights charges against Josey, 41, who was fired after cellphone video went viral of him punching Guzman following the city’s Sept. 30 Puerto Rican Day Parade.

“Understand, if this can take place on camera, ask yourself, what could take place off of camera?” Latoison said.

Josey, his attorney, Fortunato Perri Jr., and the Fraternal Order of Police each said that the former Highway Patrol lieutenant acted properly and that he should get his job back.

“Being a cop in this city is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 5 years old,” Josey told reporters. “I had nothing else that I wanted to do. So, getting back to doing what I do best . . . is what I’m looking forward to.”

Josey even took to Facebook to celebrate. He posted a picture of himself striking a triumphant pose and changed his name on the page to “Jonathan ManofSteel Josey.”

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