Police Checkpoints

In the new America, police road checks are becoming part of life. Just like Nazi Germany, people are being asked to produce their papers (ID). It is not really that they are trying to assess who you are, the point is that they are training you to be a slave…..slowly. If they do it fast you will revolt but if they do it slowly, you will accept it. We (as much as we want to deny it) are monkeys and most of our responses are easily known. Just like how you and I accept people, who have less training and stature then a Wal-Mart greeter, stick their hands down our pants and take naked pictures of our wives and children.

You and I literally bend over for it but if you told someone in the 80’s even that they would be molesting people at the airports, they would be laughing their asses off and telling you how fast they would beat on anyone that tried it. Now a days though, we grab our ankles and smile.

Anyway, watch this fella, he has to drive through checkpoints to get to work. He is far from any border but has to endure this harassment from the border security, except he doesn’t take their shit.

Watch how he deals with them.


If you found that interesting watch the video of him being beaten, tazed, and dragged through glass after refusing to let them illegally search his car.


He is a pastor and some of you may not believe or share his views but that is NOT the point. The point is that we cannot accept tyranny.