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Power Cut

Handicap Women that Requires Breathing Assistance Equipment Has Power Cut after Refusing Smart Meter
Brenda Hawk, a handicapped woman from Western Ohio, is suffering through brutal cold winter temperatures in a home with no power, after an Ohio power company cut service to her home for refusing their new Smart Meter.

Hawk, who has a pacemaker for her heart, has been fighting the local power company for the last year after they demanded to install a new Smart Meter on her home. She worried that the new Smart Meter might affect her pacemaker, and refused to let the power company install it on her home after they could not ensure it was safe.

Despite the fact that the new meters radio-frequency waves could affect her pacemaker, and cause severe medical problems, American Electric Power demanded to swap out her old meter for one of the new so called “Smart Meters”. When Hawk refused the new meter, AEP and the local Sheriff came to her home and cut all power to her property.

During the coldest time of year, with temperatures falling into the teens, Mrs. Hawk is now forced to live in her home with no heat and no way to power her breathing assistance equipment.

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