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XDModo Solar Window Charger – Charging Made Easy On Glass Windows

XDModo Solar Window Charger – Charging Made Easy On Glass Windows

With the development of solar charging technology and where companies trying their best to create unique blend of solar gadget for consumer, the world of solar panel is growing with a lot of new interesting gadgets that you can utilize them for your own good and increase your life’s efficiency. The latest solar product from XDModo is one of the interesting bit that I found quite useful if your home is installed with bunch of glass windows.


You can now charge your cell phone without the need to find a power outlet or backup battery as you can use your windows as the additional power source by using XModo’s Solar Window charger!

This XD Design solar window charger is a handy charger that could still on the glass window, with the solar panel facing outward to collect the sun’s energy. The charger has its own built-in 1400mAh Li-ion battery that could be recharged to full by exposing the device to direct sunlight for 13 hours. Of course, you could use it to charge your smartphone while the device is collecting energy simultaneously without the need to do the job separately.

XDModo Solar Window Charger comes with one USB 2.0 port, and one mini USB port, which are the best universal port to date for any smartphones.


Price-wise, this solar window charger is only EUR49.95, or around USD66 only. If you are interested, you can purchase one at Design-3000.

[via TheCoolGadgets]