SimCity Beta Jan28


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SimCity Beta

There’s a new SimCity game coming out this March and I had a chance to play the beta over the  weekend.

The beta allowed players to run through a quick tutorial explaining the basics of the games mechanics, afterwards each play session was limited to an hour. The reason for the time limit was to keep the players focused on the beginning stages of the game.

Needless to stay, I had a blast playing multiple short sessions. This forced me to try out different types of layouts and I was getting some great ideas for how I want to build my city when the game is officially released.

EA held its SimCity closed beta over the weekend, letting those with beta codes play hourlong sessions of the new SimCity game (as long as authentication servers were up). If tweets are to be believed, the beta did its job whetting our appetite for the rebooted city building simulator, the first in the series since 2007’s middling SimCity Societies. The timing of the beta coincided with my reading of this interesting post on Houzz by John Hill, an experienced architect with a keen interest in urban and suburban planning. Hill’s breakdown of the many different types of suburban housing patterns seemed perfectly suited for this new SimCity–I couldn’t resist applying its lessons of suburban subdivision design to the game. (Tested)

One of the more controversial features of the game is the “always-online” requirement. SimCity developer, Maxis, held an AMA on Reditt a while back where they answered users questions regarding this decision.