Milk and Guns

They will poison you with fluoride, let Monsanto destroy your food supply, hide radiation levels of the fall out from Fukushima, tell you to inject your children with 30+ poison filled vaccines, but damn it they draw the line at letting you choose whether or not you want to drink raw, unpasteurized milk.

For those of you that don’t know, pasteurized milk is very bad for you. It kills all the enzymes that your body needs to digest it. It is the cause of most of the heart disease and heart attacks but RAW milk contains everything that nature intended and is actually a health food that will restore peoples failing health especially if they are too sick for solid food.

The controversy is that raw milk is more prone to bacteria and such because of not being pasteurized.

Luckily the loving government protects us from a tummy ache by shutting down freedom of choice with machine guns.

It may be shocking to you that the milk in the super market is actually poison. I mean what about all those commercials that say we need 500 glasses a day or we will get osteoporosis?


Freedom is obeying your government