Listen to This

Over the past few years I grown to be massive fan of podcasts. I rarely listen to music any longer. Whether I’m driving or at work,  I find myself listening to one of a variety of podcasts. Many people I talk to still don’t really know what a podcast is. The simplest explanation is that they are episodic radio shows you download and listen to on your mp3 player, phone or computer. With such a large variety of podcasts available, every week I’ll be highlighting one my favorites. This weeks recommendation is the Giant Bombcast.

The Giant Bombcast is Giant Bomb’s weekly podcast, released on Tuesdays. The show is hosted by Davis, with weekly guests Gerstmann, Caravella, Shoemaker and Klepek as of 2011. Nicholson Baker of The New Yorker described the podcast as “charmingly garrulous” and compared it with Car Talk, with The A.V Club also commenting on it during its review as “resembling a conversation among gaming enthusiasts listeners are overhearing.”

The show’s weekly format includes discussion of games played over the weekend, industry news, recently-released games, and e-mails sent in by listeners. The site’s staff have also recorded shows in Tokyo, Japan for the Tokyo Game Show, as well as during the Electronic Entertainment Expo and the Penny Arcade Expo. The podcast has over 100,000 listeners and is in the iTunes Store Top 10 Podcasts for Games and Hobbies in various countries. (Wikipedia)

Subscibe on iTunes | Giant Bomb

Downloading and listening to podcasts on your phone or mp3 player may require an app. I primarily use my iPhone because it’s always with me and I don’t have to carry around a second device. Apple currently offers a “house brand” app, simply named Podcasts, for their iOS devices. Even though it’s free, I don’t believe it’s up to the standards of some 3rd party apps.

I’ve purchased and used a few different apps over the last few years and I’ve currently settled on using Downcast. It does cost $1.99, but is worth the price of a cup of coffee.