Facebook Suspending Accounts

Facebook Now Suspending Accounts Which Question Mainstream Media Reporting/Account of Events








For months now I have seen numerous websites displaying this picture. Pages are being taken down for not supporting the establishment line. If you need any proof that the media is controlled then look no further. Facebook is slowly becoming a beacon of censorship.  The Sandy Ridge shooting has many, many, strange inconsistencies and people are questioning what we were told took place. Whether or not these inconsistencies are relevant or not, we should be allowed to question the official government.

A few of you out there will no undoubtedly say that Facebook is providing a service and we are their guests. To you I say, that Facebook has raped your personal data and sold it and sold it and sold it to anyone, even the  government. You see the government is not allowed to spy on you directly (at least that used to be the rule) but they are allowed to get your information from 3rd parties. It is a loophole that allows for their police state agenda. So, yes we are their guests and they have a right to determine the rules but how much have you already, personally given up for their profits.

Freedom of speech is a precious thing and we can’t allow them to steal that too.

For those that are interested, this is the picture that got that user banned.












Story By Alejandro Castro