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Planet Kibi


Nerdy Podcasts, movie reviews, blog, fairy tails, lots of damn good stuff.

Take a break from the ordinary…

…venture forth from the daily dealings of life on earth and visit a completely different planet. Why would I create a site that so obviously represents a planet that cannot possibly exist? The answer is simple…and available as a PDF download in a 1342 page dissertation (single spaced) if anyone really wants to read it.

The simplified version is that I’m a writer and I need a glass display case so that people can browse my work and read my idle opinions on the fun and frivolous. Hence, Planet Kibi.

Please feel free to take the tour, read a fairy tale, check out the blogocity, read a review, listen to a podcast, follow me on Twitter, email me, solve world hunger, read a writing sample, or at the very least send me cookies (I’m partial to oatmeal raisin).