CES 2013 Jan17


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CES 2013

CES 2013 was last week and here are a few videos from Tested demonstrating some new video game related hardware. @radurader


CES 2013: Hands-On with Nvidia’s Project Shield

One of the biggest surprises out of CES was the announcement that Nvidia was making its own portable game console running its new Tegra 4 chipset. We try a few games on Project Shield and get an understanding of how it can stream Steam games from a gaming desktop. (tested.com)


CES 2013: Hands-On with the Razor Edge Gaming Tablet

Norm plays some games on Razer’s new Edge gaming tablet to get a feel for how the side-mounted gaming controls work. We also chat with Min, the CEO and Creative Director of Razer, to hear about Razer’s product development philosophy and why they’re willing to take a risk with unique devices. (tested.com)


CES 2013: X13 Computer Gaming System Optimized for Steam

One of the surprise announcements of this year’s CES was Xi3’s Piston PC, which the company cryptically described as a “development stage computer game system optimized for Steam gameplay in Big Picture Mode.” We try to decode what that exactly means. (tested.com)